[SATLUG] Network+ Question

Borries Demeler demeler at biochem.uthscsa.edu
Wed Jan 6 19:07:47 CST 2010

> There is a lot of FUD and there are a lot of entrenched users who have 
> no motivation to rock the boat. Server got hacked because it was M$? 
> What did you expect me to do? (I followed the M$ hand book.)

That's another one...maintaining status quo! an administrator would never
take the risk of exploring something new that may fail, since his job probably
is a lot safer if he just sticks with mediocrity. So the most violent 
opposition will be mounted by those un-innovative IT heads that never learned 
anything besides MS and rely on it for everything, plus you can BUY an
expensive commercial "supported solution" from some vendor, and the higher ups
equate the $$$ spent with improved functionality.

> Most Linux users have run DOS and its incarnations - for me DOS 2.0, DOS 
> 5.0, win 95, win 98, xp, etc.. and yet we love Linux. How many of those 
> so vehemently opposed to Linux that tout the 'virtues' of M$ have really 
> used M$?

I guess you meant to say ...have really used Linux. In any case, I'm pretty
sure they haven't. I get no particular kick out of bashing any company,
incl. MS. But I do carry a big grudge for every second of my life
I wasted trying to fix some stupid windows problem or recovering from 
data loss due to fs corruption or infection. I quit using Windows back
during Win 3.0 days, save for the occasional VMWare instance running 
Microcal Origin and Turbotax, both programs I like and cannot get for Linux.


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