[SATLUG] Network+ Question

Tweeks tweeksjunk2 at theweeks.org
Wed Jan 6 19:53:21 CST 2010

On Wednesday 06 January 2010 05:16:22 pm Don Davis wrote:
> . Curiously, if something doesn't work, they *always*
> > either blame their own lack of knowledge or assume the hardware is at
> > fault and go out and buy a bigger and more expensive MS computer. There
> > is this blind trust that the OS could not be at fault (most people don't
> > even know what an OS is, and assume the OS is part of the hardware).
> Unless of course it's an OS there not familiar with… Then suddenly they
> might blame all kinds of non-relevant things on the OS.
> I've run Linux the last few years at home and haven't had to do much
> with M$. I talk to a few people outside of Linux circles about Linux and
> they always tout the ease of M$ and how they couldn't get the wireless
> drivers to work in Linux. It's unfortunate that it happens.

The last several installs I did.. it just worked.

Not only this.. but now wireless on Linux is MUCH easier to detect, display 
and connect to that Windows ever was.

> > What gets me is that even after you explain the "facts" (see John
> > Kirch's article) they still insist on running MS, because everyone else
> > does it and they bought into the FUD that Linux requires an
> > insurmountable learning curve, which, by the way, barely anyone would be
> > willing to climb.
> There is a lot of FUD and there are a lot of entrenched users who have
> no motivation to rock the boat. Server got hacked because it was M$?
> What did you expect me to do? (I followed the M$ hand book.)

I've got a section on Linux FUD and myths in my Linux Desktop presentation 

> Most Linux users have run DOS and its incarnations

Heh... I would argue that.. except for us old farts.. ;)

> ps - I love anti M$ threads.

On the flip side.. I tell people to use the right tool for the right job.  If 
your application requires ASP/activeX, don't try to hack something like that 
on Linux.  Use it on what it was intended for... Windowze.   If you have a 
choice.. then go ahead and show the TCO savings in the form of RECURRING 
SAVINGS when using F/OSS.  That will always win arguments with the bean 
counters. :)  Even if your execs require a "contract" or want something to 
sign and someone sue... they can still go with open source by signing a 
contract with Red Hat or Novel and save 30% as compared to MS.

I can't believe that I got trolled into this discussion.. hehe..
I thought that I was too tired for this. :)


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