[SATLUG] Network+ Question

Alan Lesmerises alesmerises at satx.rr.com
Wed Jan 6 21:36:16 CST 2010

Borries Demeler wrote:
> That's another one...maintaining status quo! an administrator would never
> take the risk of exploring something new that may fail, since his job probably
> is a lot safer if he just sticks with mediocrity. So the most violent 
> opposition will be mounted by those un-innovative IT heads that never learned 
> anything besides MS and rely on it for everything, plus you can BUY an
> expensive commercial "supported solution" from some vendor, and the higher ups
> equate the $$$ spent with improved functionality.
Another BIG reason is the installed codebase.  The company I work for 
has a very extensive, sophisticated, custom, in-house developed 
Windows-based information management system front-end that they've spent 
untold thousands of man-hours developing.  The company literally lives 
and dies by this system -- it is the absolute essential core of 
virtually every aspect of company operations.  Management would look at 
the task to convert that system to another OS and they would have a 
heart attack.  True, it would cost an enormous amount of time and money, 
but they can't (or don't want to) see the payback -- it's too long for 
their shareholders.  They want to see an ROI of just a couple of years 
at most, and this would definitely not meet that criteria.

Yet another reason they don't want to change is that they see the costs 
of retraining their entire workforce (well over 4000 people) as also 
being too high.

But I think the biggest reason is uncertainty.  They don't know enough 
about Linux, so they figure the risks are too great to even contemplate 

Al Lesmerises

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