[SATLUG] Re: Ubuntu 'Karmic Koala' 9.10 impressions?... andIntroduction

Robert Pearson e2eiod at gmail.com
Thu Jan 7 03:27:46 CST 2010

On Tue, Jan 5, 2010 at 2:21 AM,  <kcoriginal at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Right Bruce, BUT...
> I'm a high maintenance, long-term-support kinda guy when it comes to that damned "deprecated" word. GAWD I HATE THAT WORD!!!
> Sorry, I digress...! (As usual...)
> What I'm afraid of is that they will retire KDE3. I was still at the tail end of my "formative years," if you will, when I finally decided to throw myself into KDE3 only to find that BIZARRE trip it took a few months after I had declared my love for it... That's when I pulled a "safety" maneuver and wed my goose-heart to good ole Gnome. Just seemed like it was going to have the most staying power.
> In the least, KDE4 has a totally ARTSY feel. Artsy = trendy = flaky = Not I. It does artsy VERY WELL, but I feel that it will drift out of style or morph into another monster. I'd rather morph more productive things into fresh new monsters...
> Like a Linux home automation project, or CNC rig, I'm looking at clustering experiments and Scalix/Zimbra/OX/SunCommServer or just plain a nice gaming server with a nicely done and maintained blog/gamer site running on an old SPARC...
> (WOOT!  XCSSA...  :-p  )
> The interface should be a means to an end... Or how about a passing thought that works so well, I don't notice it..?
> (Gosh, it IS pretty though, 4 is...)
> kc

Is it possible to make KDE4 look and function like KDE3? I couldn't
figure out how or even where to start.
Anybody got any idea where to start?
All the KDE features I like and use are working in PCLinuxOS KDE3.
PCLinuxOS, like all OSes, has some good and some bad points as an OS.
I still prefer KDE to Gnome.
The Kubuntu and Mint KDE ran KDE4 the last time I checked.
If I knew enough I could probably make KDE3 work on any OS but then it
might be just as easy to make KDE4 look and function like KDE3, which
is what I want.


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