[SATLUG] Network+ Question

Doug ftm at satx.rr.com
Thu Jan 7 07:04:50 CST 2010

>. Curiously, if something doesn't work, they *always*
>> either blame their own lack of knowledge or assume the hardware is at
>> fault and go out and buy a bigger and more expensive MS computer. There
>> is this blind trust that the OS could not be at fault (most people don't
>> even know what an OS is, and assume the OS is part of the hardware).
> Unless of course it's an OS there not familiar with… Then suddenly they 
> might blame all kinds of non-relevant things on the OS.
> There is a lot of FUD and there are a lot of entrenched users who have no 
> motivation to rock the boat. Server got hacked because it was M$? What did 
> you expect me to do? (I followed the M$ hand book.)
> Most Linux users have run DOS and its incarnations - for me DOS 2.0, DOS 
> 5.0, win 95, win 98, xp, etc.. and yet we love Linux. How many of those so 
> vehemently opposed to Linux that tout the 'virtues' of M$ have really used 
> M$?
> ps - I love anti M$ threads.

While I realize there is much emotion exhibited by the Linux geeks, vs. 
Microsoft, and those who have gone to the trouble of learning, (or 
graduating to) a command line interface, and memorizing the cryptic commands 
which run, install, update, configure Linux versions, the fact remains that 
you guys/gals are in somewhat a minority as compared to computer users , 
thanks to MS marketing and deals cut with computer manufacturers.  Some of 
you miss out of a few of the well-designed and presented graphics developed, 
albeit at considerable cost, developed on the Windows platform.  Some don't 
even care because the bare bones machines that windows' users have had to 
trash continue to run for you using the lightweight Linux system and 
methodology but do not have the power to gen up for graphics intensive 
applications.  Many Linux users in the course of their employment, are 
required to embrace and maintain a combination of the two, with the reliable 
server systems vs., the more user-friendly windows environment used by the 
rank and file in many work environments.  Many of us do not approach 
computing on the cheap and thus have a slightly different perspective.  We 
do, however, greatly respect those who do, as they have invested innovation 
and compromise in order to keep on trucking in this environment.  As for me, 
I do prefer Linux, powered servers for supporting web hosting, and email 
services, especially Postfix as it is very simple to maintain, configure and 
then leave alone.  But I still have an affection for GUI interfaces and the 
point and click methodology, and in my aged state do no longer have to 
remember the library of command line syntax many of you live with from day 
to day without giving it a second thought.  I do still remember the days of 
DOS and the myriad of batch files I used to get the job done, and frankly am 
kind of glad those days are long gone.  Who would have thought in those days 
that I could put an entire distribution on a USB thumb drive and install 
from there on to a completely wiped machine and have it work immediately.
But no, I don't hate MS or the Windows environment, and use it daily as 
well.  I am impressed with the new capabilities of Windows 7, and the 
ability to support multiple virtual machines one running Linux server for 
email, another for Linux running a web server, and still another running a 
version of Windows Server for Windows web sites, and still another running 
the database server.  All on one box, and frankly it runs just fine and 
seems to have no conflicts with each other.  All this runs on a single box, 
with one network card, one fixed IP number, the base system as well as the 
virtual machines each running their own anti-virus/anti-spyware applications 
and much more.  Now, I think this is technology at work and the best of two 
I have even contracted with a Linux guru to log in remotely to that portion 
and maintain the mail server, while I manage the Web and database servers. 
All of the environments talk to each other as needed and have been problem 
free so far.  According to the network meter, the box does not even breathe 
hard when under load as well. 

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