[SATLUG] Re: Ubuntu 'Karmic Koala' 9.10impressions?... andIntroduction

Todd W. Bucy toddwbucy at grandecom.net
Fri Jan 8 11:55:10 CST 2010

Don Davis wrote:
> kcoriginal at yahoo.com wrote:
>> Yes, yes and I'm not sure. Ok, you say, it's 90% if you change the 
>> menubar and show the desktop. What is the other 10%, in your view? (I 
>> think the menu and desktop are all I miss, but I'm not sure...)
> Kaffeine is no longer the default video player. Dragon is. But that 
> can be easily remedied. Some of the applets from KDE3 aren't available 
> (and/or don't work) in KDE4. I miss the dictionary applet.
> Using a projector (and or a second screen) no longer automatically 
> appears as it's own instance with it's own desktop. If you want that 
> setup you may need to go through nvidia (or whatever ATI has) or xorg 
> directly. You can easily adjust the resolution and sizes. (I prefer 
> the 'this is a separate 800x600 desktop' to 'this desktop is the top 
> left 1/2 of the main desktop'.
> KDE4 also no longer tries to run/configure everything through 
> Konqueror (which I don't see as a bad thing).
> You still add things to the startup/ menu / and taskbar in pretty much 
> the same way.
Why not just run KDE 3.5.  haven't done it before but it seems to me 
that (if you are using Ubuntu) download the jeos (jest-enough-os) and 
install the items that you would want for your desktop.   I would 
recommend using the 8.04 LTS version as I believe that repository still 
has kde3.5.  If it doesn't then I am sure that it could be done 
relatively easily with puppy Linux (shout out for the class tonight).

as for KDE4 in general...# reasons why I Hate KDE4
qualifier: most of my experience with kde4 is with Kubuntu 9.04-10 and 
gnome with Ubuntu 9.04-10.

reason 1: While there are definite improvements in certain aspects of 
the aesthetics of KDE4 for the most I don't appreciate the aesthetics  I 
think that the gnome compiz marriage is light-years ahead of plasma and 
kde4.  Hell enlightenment (see the elive distro for a good show of this 
desktop) blows away kde 4 in this department. 

reason 2: Performance and stability...well mostly stability.  This is a 
criticism that probably reflect upon Kubuntu as much as KDE4 but when i 
first loaded Kubuntu 9.04 my xserver crashed so much that I had to 
double check that I wasn't running Vista.

reason 3: For me the jump from KDE3.5 to KDE4 was such a jarring 
experience that I felt I was learning a whole new operating system from 
the get go.  I think that the KDE4 and Kubuntu team could learn 
something from M$ in one respect.  when changing the total look and feel 
of your GUI (as with XP to Vista) don't change so much of it that your 
longtime users feel like noobs all over again.

again just my opinion.

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