[SATLUG] 3 reasons why I hate KDE4

Charles Hogan cd_satl at futuretechsolutions.com
Fri Jan 8 13:28:56 CST 2010

On 01/08/2010 12:05 PM, Jeremy Mann wrote:
> On Fri, Jan 8, 2010 at 12:00 PM, Todd W. Bucy<toddwbucy at grandecom.net>  wrote:
>> On second thought this should have its own thread sorry
>> Todd
>>>   qualifier: most of my experience with kde4 is with Kubuntu 9.04-10 and
>>> gnome with Ubuntu 9.04-10.
>>> reason 1: While there are definite improvements in certain aspects of the
>>> aesthetics of KDE4 for the most I don't appreciate the aesthetics  I think
>>> that the gnome compiz marriage is light-years ahead of plasma and kde4.
>>>   Hell enlightenment (see the elive distro for a good show of this desktop)
>>> blows away kde 4 in this department.
>>> reason 2: Performance and stability...well mostly stability.  This is a
>>> criticism that probably reflect upon Kubuntu as much as KDE4 but when i
>>> first loaded Kubuntu 9.04 my xserver crashed so much that I had to double
>>> check that I wasn't running Vista.
> My 2 cents about performance. On older machines, the Desktop
> environment is just way too slow. I have it on a 1.8Ghz laptop with a
> gig of RAM, and Plasma is not snappy at all like KDE 3.5. Its even
> worse if you turn on certain effects like shading and transparency.
>>> reason 3: For me the jump from KDE3.5 to KDE4 was such a jarring
>>> experience that I felt I was learning a whole new operating system from the
>>> get go.  I think that the KDE4 and Kubuntu team could learn something from
>>> M$ in one respect.  when changing the total look and feel of your GUI (as
>>> with XP to Vista) don't change so much of it that your longtime users feel
>>> like noobs all over again.
> Yep, I too hate the new menu structure.

I had been using KDE for years.  There wasn't much I liked about KDE4. 
I switched to Gnome.

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