[SATLUG] Alternating Wed. and Thur. Meetings?

Don Wright satlug at sbcglobal.net
Sat Jan 9 13:31:56 CST 2010

>Howard Haradon wrote:
>> Now that Jim W. has found a sucker (er, volunteer)
>> to assume his duties, are there still reasons to
>> continue flip-flopping our meeting day?

Samuel Leon replied:
>I like the alternating days. I have trouble making it on Wednesdays.

The alternate meeting days were adopted several presidents back because
various regulars had difficulty with either Wed. or Thurs. all the time.
This made it possible for more people to make at least _some_ SATLUG

It's been a while since we discussed whether this policy still makes
sense -- might be good to take another look.  --Don

There are two rules in this business:
1. Don't tell all you know.

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