[SATLUG] troubles with debian and some flash sites

redpill toddwbucy at grandecom.net
Wed Jan 13 12:02:24 CST 2010

One of my machines is currently running Debian Lenny 64 bit with the
latest flash from adobe.  On some sites, such as Hulu.com, Flash movies
will not play.  That is to say the flash works just fine until I hit
play.  at which time it tries to connect and then says "sorry, we are
unable to stream this video. Please check your Internet connection and
try again."  I am relatively certain that nothing is wrong with my ISP
connection cuz Hulu runs just fine on my ubuntu boxes.  Furthermore
Youtube on the Debian machine works just fine as well.  finally I have
tried this with Firefox, Chrome, and Epiphany all with the same results.

anyone experiencing the same problems with Lenny? or have any ideas how
I might further troubleshoot this prob?

Thanks in advance

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