[SATLUG] troubles with debian and some flash sites

Dick H rghetzel at sbcglobal.net
Wed Jan 13 12:10:34 CST 2010

I've recently started watching the Babylon 5 series... approximately 1 
out of 10 says that they are unable to stream.  So far, I've been able 
to see them all after closing the browser a couple of times.  Some are 
crankier than others.

redpill wrote:
> One of my machines is currently running Debian Lenny 64 bit with the
> latest flash from adobe.  On some sites, such as Hulu.com, Flash movies
> will not play.  That is to say the flash works just fine until I hit
> play.  at which time it tries to connect and then says "sorry, we are
> unable to stream this video. Please check your Internet connection and
> try again."  I am relatively certain that nothing is wrong with my ISP
> connection cuz Hulu runs just fine on my ubuntu boxes.  Furthermore
> Youtube on the Debian machine works just fine as well.  finally I have
> tried this with Firefox, Chrome, and Epiphany all with the same results.
> anyone experiencing the same problems with Lenny? or have any ideas how
> I might further troubleshoot this prob?
> Thanks in advance
> Todd

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