[SATLUG] Power Supply Request

Arthur Hall art.hall at sbcglobal.net
Wed Jan 13 16:06:34 CST 2010

Yes, I'm out begging again for spare parts on behalf of refugee families.  You.ve been great about meeting needs in the past and the families are very grateful.  The used computer equipment you've donated has helped them learn English faster, stay in touch with family and friends back in "the old country," and do their schoolwork better.  All of those tasks have really helped to integrate them faster into our society.
We currently have seven families on the "Need PC" list, but I'm  down to one box, a Dell Dimension 4600C.  Just when we got it working well, the power supply failed.  If anyone has a spare slimline power supply they would be willing to donate, we can cut the waiting list to six.  That PS also fits a Dell Optiplex GX260, 270, or 280, according to the information I have.  While I'm at it, I might as well finish the wish list (for now).  I could use one more monitor cable.  (The floks who donate don't always remember the connecting cables.)
Thanks in advance for looking.
Art Hall

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