[SATLUG] Possible Future Presentation

Christopher Lemire christopher.lemire at gmail.com
Thu Jan 21 02:14:57 CST 2010

As for the Mutt, I've spent a few hours in Borders today looking for a
book that covers it, and all I could find is one that mentions it. I
do have quite a bit of experience on it in the past and am practicing
it again, refreshing some of my memory more on it now. It has a steep
learning curve, but very nice once learned. Possibly a book on a
specific distro that includes Mutt would have some more on it. I asked
in #mutt if there was a book on it, and I was given the response to
let them know if I found one. As for now, I'll be doing my more
research online again. As far as regex, I've been using simple regex
like $ (end of a line), ^ (beginning of a line), escape sequences, in
vim, sed and grep, and later learned that was called regular
expressions. Now I am learning about boundaries, seeing examples for
extracting just html tags out of files, and more complex stuff. I will
need to do more research and practice. I don't want to come in soon
and give a half ass presentation. I'd like to give a very informative

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