[SATLUG] Apple announces iPad

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Wed Jan 27 18:34:28 CST 2010

Nate wrote:
> On 1/27/10 2:02 PM, kcoriginal at yahoo.com wrote:
>> I hate Apple and can't WAIT to buy one...! Will probably buy 2...
> Yawn. It'll probably sell like hotcakes, but it's really not all that 
> revolutionary. An iPod Touch with a bigger screen and iWork. Where is 
> the 'there' in that? 'Blazing fast' A4, but it doesn't multitask. Just a 
> big toy.
> Moving on to something more interesting.

 From what I see it is basically a read only device.  You can't do 
substantial input without a tactile keyboard.  You use your fingers for 
a mouse, but one of the advantages of a mouse is that you can pick it up 
and move it without moving the cursor.  Moving your whole arm all the 
time will get tiring fast.

It does have Bluetooth keyboard support, but if you have to carry around 
a keyboard too, how is this better than a laptop?

And a 9.7 inch display at 1024x768?  My 6 year old laptop has a 12 inch 
1600x1200 display.

It is light weight at 1.6 pounds (without keyboard).

After the newness wears off, I think that it will fade to toy status.

   -- Bruce

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