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Negative fellas... The iGetMyMoney service and the Kindle take-my-book-back service are the biggest drawbacks to those two devices... Being able to read my thousands of existing eBooks on a 10 inch screen, with far less heat and whirring fans that a laptop, and no annoying laptop keyboard unless I set at a desk and plug one in... THAT'S the appeal.

And hardly no weight, either? It IS a big deal new device! And fellas, I really HATE STEVE JOBS. He's spent his life coming up with mega-super-duper-fantastic ideas, and finding mega-super-duper-fantastic ways to insultingly over charge and recharge and lock down each of them is a way I feel can only best be described as cruel! 

It isn't new, Nate, the HP 1100 did it back in 2001(ish)... But this now has a much more responsive multi-touch screen with Apple's consumer whiz-bang appeal. Lighter weight, undoubtedly a Li-po or Lion battery, and a well-thought-out on-screen keyboard.

What I REALLY can't wait for, is HPs Slate. But, in my experience, the Apple interface should work a lot smoother and more "appliancy" than a Windows offering.

I think I want the iPad with Chrome on it... And what it is missing that actually bums me out, is phone. I use Bluetooth or speakerphone for 90% of my calls anyway. You wanna change the way I do business, make this thing a phone. Make it a detachable super-simple phone that has no real screen unless connected, have it nest inside the end/back of the tablet... Or just give it Bluetooth and speakerphone capability with an optional detached daughter-phone that uses bluetooth to access it's cellular radio on the main device.

And STOP putting so much effort into THIN!!! They have been thin enough since .99 inches! I want the space back, filled with Lipo and some rubber-baby-buggy-bumper...

But as long as I can read PDF's and load a real browser (Safari is acceptable, barely) I still want to buy one. 



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On Jan 27, 2010, at 5:37 PM, Nate <pixelnate at gmail.com> wrote:
> Yawn. It'll probably sell like hotcakes, but it's really not all  
> that revolutionary. An iPod Touch with a bigger screen and iWork.  
> Where is the 'there' in that? 'Blazing fast' A4, but it doesn't  
> multitask. Just a big toy.

I thought the same thing about the Kindle. What is going to make it  
something are going to be the apps written for it specifically and the  
iBook store. It's at the same price point as the Kindle DX and will  
give a much richer experience to anything the Kindle will ever have.

I don't see myself buying one, but I can see the appeal. 
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