[SATLUG] Apple announces iPad

Justin the.dead.dude at gmail.com
Wed Jan 27 19:29:24 CST 2010

I think that iPad is kind of neat.  It has it's uses, but it's pretty much
just a larger ipod touch.  I'm glad it's priced at $500 and not $700+.
Something like surfing the web in bed would be good with this ipad thing.
Otherwise, showing pictures to people around you.  That's a neat thing that
can be done but I think most people still prefer flipping through a photo
album.  Reading books?  I guess we'll have to see what they actually charge
for books from their iBookstore place.  I'd still prefer a hard-copy of the
book either purchased or rented for free from the library.  Movies?  Well I
guess if you travel a lot instead of watching movies on your iphone you can
watch them on your ipad.  Email?  It looks like it handles that about as
good as a netbook would.  I mean the ipad looks good for email except you
have to type with the touch screen.  What else is there?  Music?  Well an
ipod already does that better since it fits in your pocket.  It looks like
it's got Keynote, Pages, and Numbers, which is the apple version of an
office suite.  Actually each of them are available as separate apps, so who
knows how much extra those would be.  I just can't see typing up any long
office documents with that touchpad keyboard.  It looks like you can hook up
an external keyboard, but then once you do that it basically turns the ipad
into a dumbed down laptop.

I think that's about it.  I like it, and I'd probably buy one if it was
<$100.  There's just not much use with it for me.


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