[SATLUG] kde4init

Geoff geofff at w5omr.shacknet.nu
Sat Jul 3 18:02:18 CDT 2010

Hey, kids! 

Happy 4th of July weekend to everyone, and a special "THANKS!" from one
American to another, for you military service personnel who have wrote a
'Blank Check', payable if need by with your life, for volunteering to
protect this country and the freedoms contained within.

Every day of Freedom, is a -GREAT- day to Thank a Veteran!

That said, the subject at hand is kde4init.

I've got openSuSE 11.2 on a Dell Power Edge SC4300, dual-core 2.8GH box
w/2gig of ram.

All was fine until a few days ago, I was experiencing some
'sluggishness' of the system.  I think the up-time was something like
120 days, or something trivial.  Logged out of the session, restarted...
still not as 'quick' as it was.  Figured "eh, some sub-system is
running, so, I'll let it do it's thing and check it in the morning" (it
was late). 

Let the system run that night, and all the next day (didn't get on in
the morning before work) and when I got home that night it was 'still'
not running up-to-par.  Did a 'ps -ef' and didn't see anything out of
line... So, against my better judgement, reverted back to the Micro$loth
days, shut down all running programs I could find, and did a 'shutdown
-r now' command (as root) and when the gdm came back up, I got a little
box up in the top left corner that said "kde4init failed.  Check

I've gone back to the openSuSE 11.2 boot disc that I installed from, and
'repaired installed system' and still get the same issue.

I can't seem to find 'kde4-base' to re-install in YaST2 (was gonna
re-install it and start from scratch, there)

Thoughts?  Ideas? Suggestions?

(log file in subsequent message)

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