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> So I've already converted my entertainment center to mythbuntu, and am
> quite happy with the setup.
> But my parents, sister, etc., are still stuck with non-converged
> systems; their TV plays DVDs or cable, but not AVIs and MPEGs.
> So... if I wanted to share videos with them, I'd need to burn DVDs
> that will play in a DVD player.
> I've heard that these tools are called "DVD authoring" programs, and
> have seen the results on occasion.
> I was wondering if anyone had a suggestion that would work quickly,
> worked with most video container formats (e.g. MPEG, AVI, MKV), and
> need not provide me much flexibility; I just want to dump a bunch of
> video files to DVD and ship to a relative with as little effort as
> possible.
> Thanks!
> Travis
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The whole process can be done through a series of commands. This would
certainly be fun to do and learn. They involve making the menus, mencoder,
ffmpeg, etc.

There's an application called Devede. I use convertXtoDVD (very good app for
the Gates of Hell). Last time I checked, it worked in wine all but creating
the menus :(

Last I tried, Devede would do the conversions and make the menus through
it's user friendly GUI, but I had resulting files too large to fit on DVD.
If that has not been fixed, it really needs an algorithm to determine the
highest bitrates, resolutions it can use without the resulting files to be
burned going over the size of a dvd disk, 4.7 gb. It's defiantely worth a
try again. I just installed it recently, and I should have a look at winehq
to see if there's been any improvements with newer wine versions having all
the features of convertXtoDVD working with wine.

Another option is to get a dvd player that plays divx or more formats if
they've done that yet. I know the divx dvd players exist. Then you can
simply burn the avi or mkv file. Those are only containers though. They must
be encoded with divx. If you are taking a dvd and trying to make copies,
there is AcidRip and K3b will rip a dvd too. You'll need libdvdcss to read
those encrypted dvds.

Another interesting product, eMovieX. It can be done through K3b. It may not
be exactly what you are looking for but still very cool.

Good luck and let me know how it goes for you.

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