[SATLUG] Personal RAID 6 array/ LED Monitor

dondavis at reglue.org dondavis at reglue.org
Mon Jul 5 20:03:01 CDT 2010

> Later I regretted that and got the 8-port:
> http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16816116043

Looks good.
> I think I have 6 1.5TB drives in there now.
3 in a raid 0 mirrored onto the other 3 in raid 1. ?

Can you add more later?

>> > I personally use RAID 10 for important data, and I do rsync backups
>> > to a RAID 0 partition.  So in a way, I have two layers of redundancy.

How many disks on the raid 0 backup file server?

So a RAID 10 on one server with nfs and a backup raid 0 server. ?

> Also, reiserfs is much faster to reboot than ext2/3

Are there a few externalities interfering with the continued development
of ReiserFS?

> XFS was unstable last time I checked; it would hang the system during
> reboots sometimes with a message about timestamps.

I remember an article praising XFS. (and it's under active development).

> Also consider getting a UPS for your precious data.  I use APC

I love APC. APCUPSD rocks the house. The config file emails my cell phone
when something happens.

> I personally shifted long ago from RH/FC to Ubuntu for desktops, and
> there's a Ubuntu "server edition" (no X11/Xorg) which is perfect for
> servers.  Plus, like any Debian derivative, you can upgrade the OS
> between major revisions without reinstalling.

Haha. I have been using Debian for a while and I finally managed to hose a
system. (But it did take a lot of silliness on my part). I'm kicking
myself because neither Lenny nor Squeeze are handling the projector the
way I'd like. (Which is odd as I had a Lenny/Squeeze/Sid that was doing
things well... before I hosed it.)

> I also have a "kickstart" script that I can post, I update it every
> time I upgrade a system to a new release, and it makes
> post-installation configuration automatic... it takes maybe 30 minutes of
> my time (about 1-1.5 hrs real time) to reinstall a system from scratch,
> so if something gets hosed, the cost of fixing it is small.  At present
> all it _doesn't_ do is edit config files (postfix, DNS, DHCP).  The latter
> two are in SVN already, so installing them is no big deal.

Good idea. Having just hosed my system, I've been contemplating what has
to be reconfigured -- cron, rsync, apc, exim, ...

> I personally have my mythbuntu server just a small single-disk
> machine, and serve video from the NFS server.

Great idea. Small form factor, ssd. sounds good. How do you connect to the
NFS - fiber/ cat5/6?

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