[SATLUG] Personal RAID 6 array/ LED Monitor

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Tue Jul 6 16:15:21 CDT 2010

On Mon, Jul 05, 2010 at 06:03:01PM -0700, dondavis at reglue.org wrote:
> > I think I have 6 1.5TB drives in there now.
> 3 in a raid 0 mirrored onto the other 3 in raid 1. ?

I have 4 in a RAID 10 and 2 in RAID 1 (I added those later).

Right now I rsync all the important directories on all my machines
onto that second array, so if they die, I can restore it easily, and
don't need RAID in every machine.

If I had it to do again, I'd make it all one big FS.

> Can you add more later?

Yeah, but six is a lot to put in a single case, given that I also have
two DVD-RAM drives in there.  Turns out that placing drives in those
5.25" bays is a pain, requires a mounting kit, and it's not really
meant to have 'em there.

When I first made this, I figured I'd burn stuff directly there, but
that's silly.  First off, discs are dumb - disks are the future, for
reasons I wrote in HDB.  Secondly, most of the tools I'd be using to
manipulate DVDs would be graphical, and the thing doesn't have X

> >> > I personally use RAID 10 for important data, and I do rsync backups
> >> > to a RAID 0 partition.  So in a way, I have two layers of redundancy.
> How many disks on the raid 0 backup file server?

Well, I'm stupid, so right now I've got what looks like 4 1.5TB drives
in a RAID 10 configuration.  I guess I've got redundancy even on backups,
which doesn't make a lot of sense.

> > Also, reiserfs is much faster to reboot than ext2/3
> Are there a few externalities interfering with the continued development
> of ReiserFS?

I'm not aware of any.  I think Hans got sent to jail, and others have
taken over.  It doesn't matter though, it's as close to perfect as I

> I love APC. APCUPSD rocks the house. The config file emails my cell phone
> when something happens.

Cool idea... hadn't noticed that feature and those scripts...

> Great idea. Small form factor, ssd. sounds good. How do you connect to the
> NFS - fiber/ cat5/6?

I use Cat5e cables I made myself.  GigE is plenty fast for one video

BTW, my friend who works for Indeed.com says that failure rates on new
2TB drives are like 25% in the first week or so; it's like the major
manufacturers just stopped doing any sort of quality control.  So be
careful if you go that route, that you're prepared to return a few,
and that you don't put anything important on it for a week or two.

You can take some time to run benchmarks if you like... I did some
with dd and bonnie++ when I first got my system, with and without
encryption, to see what the performance was like, and with various
file systems.
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