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On Tue, Jul 13, 2010 at 03:38:22PM -0400, dennis at myediscounts.com wrote:
> We can recycle here at Corona Visions, we are a BAN certified recycling
> company.  Please check out www.coronavisions.com
> Thanks
> Dennis

By the way, if anyone has any older desktops, consider donating them
to any local mental hospitals.  The people there have very little to
do, and the ones who stay there have nowhere else to go.  They don't
want them to have internet connectivity, but if you could load it up
with information and/or games, that would be fine.  I would probably
try to lock it up so that it's not really easy to steal anything from
it, because many of the patients there are quite poor, but if you're
donating it, then maybe it doesn't much matter (you'd be securing it
for the other patients, in effect).

I've got some old Linux games (Railroad Tycoon, etc.) that I could
send to you if you were donating such a system.

I know it sounds corny but giving back to the community, particularly
to those who feel nobody cares about them, is rewarding.  You could
embed a phone number in an easily-accessible place if you want to
receive thanks from them - they can make calls from payphones during
daytime.  You won't actually be able to go in, since for privacy
reasons they don't let outsiders in where they might recognize a

You may have a hard time getting ahold of the person who might be in
charge of this, because very few people actually do it, but that's all
the more reason to keep at it until you locate the correct employee.
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