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herb cee hc at lookcee.com
Sat Jul 24 17:15:42 CDT 2010

On 07/24/2010 12:42 PM, Don Davis wrote:
> Have you looked at uberkey or logkeys?
> I looked at the source for logkeys. It's very straightforward. I was
> thinking a keyboardlogger would be a straightforward program and it is.
> You could write a script to periodically scan for red flag words. It
> might help provide security while giving her a little extra privacy...
> so that she knows you don't see or care every time she types "OMG Justin
> Timberlake is so cuuute."
> You have been up front and told her that online there is no real privacy
> as well as indicating your stipulations for her computer use. You might
> try to help her understand you don't really care what she's typing
> unless it could be dangerous for her.
> Also let her know l33t hackers are watching it all anyway. That she
> should use https and that all her friends Windoze boxes have been 0wn3d.
> On 07/24/2010 12:17 PM, John Kirby wrote:
>> I have a "tween" daughter, and I'm concerned about some of the websites
>> she's frequenting. Particularly "Whirled", which is a social networking site
>> designed for kids her age (and which would seem to me to be a natural
>> hangout for unsavory types). The biggest problem is that it has an embedded
>> chat feature, and doesn't appear the keep logs of those chats anywhere.
>> I made it clear to her when I bought her first computer that she has very
>> little expectation of privacy while online. I do the normal stuff on a
>> fairly regular basis- walk in at random times while she's online and read
>> over her shoulder, check her history, etc., but not being able to see her
>> chats has me scratching my head. I decided to install LKL for a couple of
>> weeks- if I see she's doing nothing unsavory, I'll remove it.
>> The problem is, I can't seem to get it working. Have any of you used this
>> program before? Any hints or tricks? I followed the instructions from here,
>> with no luck.<http://webnesbay.com/linux-keylogger-in-ubuntu/>  It's just
>> not creating logs.
>> It's on Ubuntu 10.04.
>> Thanks,
>> --John

I have no tech help John but you will get it here.

LOL ... "Lucy's psychoanalysis stand -- .05 per visit" OPEN....
Hi John, I am Lucy's assistant so let me give u my two cents worth. I 
think you are doing as well as you should be. I too know the fear of 
having two daughters. Think about all problems concerning her welfare 
and her future. Relate them to your own childhood and weigh how much 
harm she is truly in. Both mine turned out ok they are now in their 50s 
and content in life. The most important for you is to make as much time 
to share conversation with her, better in a TV-less room, to get to know 
her girl friends, it is all her peers that will be influencing her 
current decisions about what she does and does not do. Encourage her to 
hav frins over and allow fun for children as her guests to just occur, 
think about what you can do to make her house a great place to visit. 
After all John kids need to have fun and to learn about being friends so 
you can be a good steering value without being 'a drag dad.'.

Of course girls want to talk about boys and boys about girls and giggle 
together, remember?. In your chats with her take an interest in what she 
is interested in and ask things about her projects she does. Ask about 
her friends and what they all want to do etc. You are Dad ya know, so 
try to steer her in an honest way of thinking, especially about being 
honest to self and set the example. Make sure you understand that if you 
must justify any action in order to 'make it right' is simply lying to 
yourself by shading the truth. Truth refuses to be shaded. Teach her 
that, when you understand it.

Get as deep in your quiet time together as she leads, do not press when 
she says something that raises your suspicions, let it hold till you can 
rethink it later. to suddenly start cross-examination's when you think 
she has 'let something slip' is way wrong. It is rude, just don't do it. 
She has the questions, If she trust you and knows you love her then 
maybe you can provide some straight answers and some best guesses, 
remember let her lead, you will know when to lead and how if you just 
stay honest and do not allow fear to cloud the mind nor the contact. 
Hopefully you will both grow to love whatever your quality time together 
just being Dad and Daughter brings and it will be great memories when 
you get old like me. It was a great learning experience for me John.

Overprotecting can also be damaging. I had to learn it hurt to fall and 
avoiding was best and anger needs to be carefully considered and 
therefore controlled. Think about what you can teach and use common 
sense in doing the teaching, Jesus always used parallels, good tool.

Good luck John, maybe Lucy will be in if you need more help just toss 
your .02 in the first needy can.


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