[SATLUG] San Antonio Hackerspace Update and Go-Live

shazzner shazzner at gmail.com
Tue Jul 27 13:47:37 CDT 2010

I know this board has gotten a little quiet this week, but rest-
assured we're working hard to get the San Antonio space live.

We passed one of our major hurdles this morning (payment processing)
and only a few more issues need to be resolved until the doors open
and we're A-Go-Go.
These are:
- Finalize the legal entity
- Setup a stream-lined membership procedure
- Sign the lease

The space itself is located here:
We we're able to negotiate a good rate on the space and it fit our
criteria (centralized location, AC, workable lease, etc).

However before we can sign lease we need to let you guys know about
the membership details:
- Access to the space will be available only to those with membership
- Membership will also grant access to all classes (excluding
materials), tools (some tools may require a trained operator/
permission), and events
- Membership will be $40 a month, payable with credit/debit card
- Payment will be processed automatically at the beginning of the

That's pretty much it, we don't plan on having any membership 'tiers';
although, some have asked me if they could donate beyond the
membership and we can set it up to do $45 a month to help out the
space. Every bit helps!

Keep in mind that this space is membership supported and we need at
least 25 members to cover our costs, so please join and get your
friends to join. Everyone is welcome.

I'd like to get an initial membership count, if you're interested or
if you have any questions please email: 10bitworks at gmail.com
Keep in mind this is just an interested members count, we'll be doing
payment setup later.

You can visit our page at:

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