[SATLUG] help! two very annoying firefox-related problems

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Thu Jul 29 13:28:15 CDT 2010

Hey all,

I would REALLY appreciate it if you could help me with two very
annoying firefox problems.

My setup: 64-bit Kubuntu.

Problem 0:

I installed foxyproxy recently, then uninstalled it, and now firefox
will start, but not actually do anything:

$ ps -efw | grep firefox
user       2963  2827  0 11:13 ?        00:00:01 /usr/lib/firefox-3.5.9/firefox --sm-config-prefix /firefox-4d48mQ/ --sm-client-id 10[............................]058 --screen 0
user       3049  2827  0 11:14 ?        00:00:01 /usr/lib/firefox-3.5.9/firefox

That has been that way for a half hour.

I think I had this problem with FoxyProxy once before.

How in the world do I troubleshoot this?  Last time I had this problem
I ended up having to create a new profile dir, re-import my bookmarks,
I lost all my browser-saved passwords (fortunately I have them saved
in a pw manager), and I had to reinstall all my plugins.

Problem 1:

I tried out torbutton lately, and it didn't work.  Specifically, every
time I test the proxy settings, it either doesn't work or fails, and
it has some very weird behavior (like connecting to port 8118 instead
of 8123 for polipo).  There seems to be a new proxy dialog box that
makes some weird assumptions.  And if you start torbutton without a
successful test, it simply doesn't use tor.

I thought it might just be my machine's configuration, so I installed
torbutton on my netbook, a lucid lynx install, and it exhibits the same
behavior there too.

Looking at tcpdump, I do see successful connections to polipo, and I
see it issuing 'CONNECT' HTTP command with some kind of
torbutton-related destination, but I don't see any obvious errors.
For some reason tcpdump -X seems to not show the whole HTTP request
and response - it's like it's partially compressed or SSL or

I would really appreciate any help on these, I don't quite know where to
start discussing this, and my browser's dead :-(
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