[SATLUG] Upgrade ubuntu 8.04 to 10.04?

redpill toddwbucy at grandecom.net
Mon Jun 7 09:52:36 CDT 2010

I recently upgraded my home media server to 10.04 and have been very
pleased.  Mythtv had absolutely no problems after doing a upgrade
(rather then my usual fresh install) a first for me.  That said I am
very disappointed by the (IMHO) huge screw up with the IWL3945 module
(Its broke like a three legged mule). This particular module is the
driver to perhaps the most common laptop wifi card on the market Intel's
Pro wireless 3945ABG card.  So upgrading any of my family's laptops will
to have to wait.  One wonders how this will affect Ubuntu's immersion
into the consumer market.  Other then that 10.04 seems to be on par with
the last 9.10 release.  I give it a B-  (would have been a A- without
the driver screw up).



On Wed, 2010-06-02 at 21:26 -0500, Andrew Pickens wrote:
> This may have been discussed when I wasn't paying attention, but I see 
> that the SATLUG archives are under construction.
> I am a garden verity desktop user who has been using Ubuntu 8.04 for a 
> long time with only one problem: Videos do not play smoothly.  I have a 
> Nvidia EN8400GS graphics card and found that the latest Nvidia driver 
> doesn't work with 8.04.  I did get the latest driver that does work 
> (173.14.12), and got some improvement.  It looks like I should update to 
> 10.04 LTS, but while searching the forms re the driver problem I read 
> some grumbling about 10.04 being buggy.
> What is the groups experience with 10.04 LTS?  Is it ready for inept 
> people like me?
> Thanks,
> Andy Pickens

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