[SATLUG] San Antonio Hackerspace Kickstart

Chris Hardee shazzner at gmail.com
Wed Jun 9 10:13:08 CDT 2010

Sorry for the late posting of this, tomorrow we're having a hackerspace
meetup with several groups:

"This is it, the meeting to finalize plans for the San Antonio Hackerspace
and to start fundraising. We'll have people from our group, the Defcon 210
group, XCSSA, and any additional groups we can get to come.

We plan to draw up blueprints and assign tasks along with discussing some
early projects and out-reach goals. We'll also decide on board members and
fund raising goals.

Food and drinks provided, BYOB.

Hosted at the San Antonio Technology Center, a very nice building that hosts
numerous tech companies here.

Be there or be square.


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