[SATLUG] Travis, Bay Area, and 10 random things

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Thu Jun 10 17:01:38 CDT 2010

Hey all, I've been away from SATX for years, but I just figured I'd
say hello again.  I'm still around.

Just a few things:

1) First, you guys have the most active LUG there that I've seen.
Austin's scene is very fragmented and caters to newbies, which is fine
for them but can be annoying when you have a hard problem.  Exception
may be Bay Area.  I haven't attended any Bay Area LUG events, but
there's a ton:


Holy crap.

2) If anyone has or is thinking about getting one of these HP 2133
netbooks, I have a page about running Linux on it:


Ubuntu 10.04 LTS netbook edition works great. Only downside is that
the battery lasts 2 hours... not a very long plane ride!

Mac Powerbooks are great, and 8 hour battery life, unless you want to
do something like control DHCP or run your own DNS server on it, etc.
In that case it's worse than Ubuntu, possibly as bad as Windows.

See my VPN presentation for why you'd want to run your own DNS server
(or think about WiFi networks and spoofing).

3) I've got a bunch of free security presentations here:

The VPN one in particular might interest you, and the Security
Concepts book is over 200 pages and continuing to grow.

For those who are interested in security:


4) I'm starting a web security business:


5) Since I can't guarantee that will pay the bills, I'm open to
consulting opportunities.  I'm also open to full-time jobs in the Bay
Area.  If anyone talks to Tom Weeks, please let him know I'm
interested in the one he mentioned; I haven't received a response
from my email to him, and am not sure if he ever read it.

My resume is available on request, but suffice to say that I've been
in the biz for 15 years, doing everything from DBA to sysad to tech
support to software architect to security consulting.

6) I have been developing a "kickstart" script to configure everything
on an Ubuntu box to my liking directly after installing the OS for
several years (over 5).  If there is interest, I'll look at figuring
out a way to cut out the site-specific parts so I can share it.

7) For anyone interested in Android programming:


Note that you don't need the hardware; the emulator runs the same
binaries just fine.

8) Check out my other stuff:


Particularly .profile and the ultimate email config.

9) Does anyone know off the top of their head how to make apache
show dot-files?


Does not show:


10) I started a review of static blog generators, and ended up doing
a large survey of tools, markup languages, and template systems:


I need to set up a blog, because just look at all this crap I'm typing

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