[SATLUG] good ideas for people with time

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Thu Jun 10 17:15:11 CDT 2010

BTW, some of you might be interested in this list of ideas...


Some involve heavy programming, some system adminstration
and distro creation, some just take time and inclination.

One that I've really wanted lately is a gaming distro, so that game
developers can write their games to it, and then you run the
stripped-down OS/runtime in a virtual machine, so you can play your
games free of charge on Mac, Windows, or Linux.  It would be hard to
win over some developers from their MS mindset, but it could also be a
game changer, so to speak... (ugh)

Yes, you could run it under Wine, but... do you really trust Windows
binaries enough to run them on your Linux box?  I don't.  And if
you've ever tried playing games under XP in virtualbox, you've
probably noticed that it suffers from some weird lags, which are
merely annoying with Civ IV, but would make a FPS "not worth it".  Not
sure how VMWare fares.
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