[SATLUG] what is the best virtual machine?

Doug ftm at satx.rr.com
Mon Jun 14 06:13:52 CDT 2010

Hello all SATLUG members!

I have a HP Pavilion, 3.33 ghz AMD 64 dual quad processors, 8 gigs RAM and a 
1.5 TB hard drive.

It is currently loaded with Windows 7 Professional with Microsoft Security 

I would like to install a virtual machine on top of this operating system, 
and make it capable of running a Linux server distribution, keyed to 
handling a modrate vilume email server via Postfix.  The object is to have 
this machine receive email for multiple domains, scrub it for virus 
infections, anti-spam, etc then forward it to a Windows mail server (Imail) 
where users can send/receive as well as net login.

I would also like to set up another virtual machine on this box to host web 
sites, with the availibility of PHP, MySQL, etc.

My question is twofold:  first what virtual machine software would you 
recommend that would handle this task?  Second is there anyone available who 
is proficient in installing and setting this up, with the capability of 
using Webmin for remote administration, adding domains, email accounts, 
editing Perl scripts, and etc.  I would expect to be obligated for 
reasonable compensation for this service.

I have heard of VMware, however my experience is that it will frequently and 
unexpectly crash and bring the server down.

Thanks for your opinions


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