[SATLUG] what is the best virtual machine?

redpill toddwbucy at grandecom.net
Mon Jun 14 16:18:27 CDT 2010

I am currently experimenting in this area.  I have tried Virtualbox and
love it for desktop virtualization.  Usually i run XP on Virtualbox on
my mythbox so that I watch movies with netflix.  I have also used it
with success on my T60 to run various flavors of BSD, Linux and windows.
That said when I tried using Virtualbox for server virtualization i have
found it very much lacking in guest performance.  I/O delays are usually
pretty high and the system in general becomes unresoponive when runing a
domain controller, a file server, a xp guest and an win7 guest.  Mind
you this is on a quad core (Q6600), with 6 gigs of ram and a perc 5/i
card with a raid 5 1.5tb.
now I have switched to a "real" virtualization by going with a KVM
solution.  At first I tried Proxmox (highly recommend for noobs, very
easy install Browser driven KVM solution).  now I have moved on to
Ubuntu's KVM solution which utilizes Virtual-manager (VNC console
management rather then Browser).  Of the two KVM solutions I prefer
using a VNC solution over a browser solution as the browser solutions
tend to rely upon javascript.  That said, both of these solutions have
shown remarkable improvement over VirtualBox when it comes to guest
server performance.  
IMO use Virtualbox for running that a vm or two of windows in a Linux
environment (or vice versa) and use a KVM solution for server


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