[SATLUG] what is the best virtual machine?

jaret jaret at aberlorn.com
Mon Jun 14 17:44:25 CDT 2010

mark wrote:
> On Mon, 2010-06-14 at 16:18 -0500, redpill wrote:
>> I am currently experimenting in this area.  I have tried Virtualbox and
>> love it for desktop virtualization.  Usually i run XP on Virtualbox on
>> my mythbox so that I watch movies with netflix.  I have also used it
>> with success on my T60 to run various flavors of BSD, Linux and windows.
>> That said when I tried using Virtualbox for server virtualization i have
>> found it very much lacking in guest performance.  I/O delays are usually
>> pretty high and the system in general becomes unresoponive when runing a
>> domain controller, a file server, a xp guest and an win7 guest.  Mind
>> you this is on a quad core (Q6600), with 6 gigs of ram and a perc 5/i
>> card with a raid 5 1.5tb.
>> now I have switched to a "real" virtualization by going with a KVM
>> solution.  At first I tried Proxmox (highly recommend for noobs, very
>> easy install Browser driven KVM solution).  now I have moved on to
>> Ubuntu's KVM solution which utilizes Virtual-manager (VNC console
>> management rather then Browser).  Of the two KVM solutions I prefer
>> using a VNC solution over a browser solution as the browser solutions
>> tend to rely upon javascript.  
Proxmox uses tightvnc java applet for communicating between client - 
server VMs.  My only issue with the tightvnc interface is that 
mouse-scrolling isn't supported. Proxmox has a web-interface for 
managing VMs (e.g. starting/stopping/creating... live migration, storing 
file-based isos and assigning them to vms, creating bridges, assigning 
multiple ips to a vm) 

It's been a year since I last used Ubuntu's KVM virtual-manager and 
certain items didn't work in the interface like adding a 2nd NIC address 
or adding usb pass-through, so resorted to bash and editing with 
libvirt.  A year is a long time for software in heavy development, so 
very interested if virtual-manager supports some of the other features 
mentioned that proxmox does.

> I don't know how proxmox does their browser configuration. I did a
> little custom stuff with kvm through a web browser and I actually used
> VNC through the web browser. TightVNC comes with a java applet which you
> can use through the web browser. It doesn't use javascript but I think
> your web browser does have to have the java runtime plugin functional.
> Proxmox may have used javascript to do some things but I don't think you
> have to use it to serve your machines through a web browser. They
> probably used it to do more advanced stuff than what I did as far as a
> web interface is concerned, mine was pretty plain.
>> That said, both of these solutions have
>> shown remarkable improvement over VirtualBox when it comes to guest
>> server performance.  
>> IMO use Virtualbox for running that a vm or two of windows in a Linux
>> environment (or vice versa) and use a KVM solution for server
>> virtualization.
>> Todd

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