[SATLUG] what is the best virtual machine?

David Kowis dkowis at shlrm.org
Mon Jun 14 18:27:34 CDT 2010

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On 6/14/2010 6:13 AM, Doug wrote:
> Hello all SATLUG members!
> I have a HP Pavilion, 3.33 ghz AMD 64 dual quad processors, 8 gigs RAM
> and a 1.5 TB hard drive.
> It is currently loaded with Windows 7 Professional with Microsoft
> Security Essentials.
> I would like to install a virtual machine on top of this operating
> system, and make it capable of running a Linux server distribution,
> keyed to handling a modrate vilume email server via Postfix.  The object
> is to have this machine receive email for multiple domains, scrub it for
> virus infections, anti-spam, etc then forward it to a Windows mail
> server (Imail) where users can send/receive as well as net login.
> I would also like to set up another virtual machine on this box to host
> web sites, with the availibility of PHP, MySQL, etc.
> My question is twofold:  first what virtual machine software would you
> recommend that would handle this task?  Second is there anyone available
> who is proficient in installing and setting this up, with the capability
> of using Webmin for remote administration, adding domains, email
> accounts, editing Perl scripts, and etc.  I would expect to be obligated
> for reasonable compensation for this service.

I use Xen to do my virtualization stuff. It supports both running fully
virtualized like KVM, or paravirtualized. Linux kernels support the
paravirtualization, and that can result in faster networking and IO in
certain situations. It is opensource and free. Debian has packages for
it, not in fedora yet. All of the distros support running as a
paravirtualized guest, but it's reccomended to use a specific kernel so
you can pause the vm.

Not quite as simple to set up as virtualbox or vmware, and I've never
used KVM, but I really like xen.

It's running 10 vms, one of which handles asterisk and mail for a
friend, and mine are various for databases, email, web servers, and
other purposes. I've found it works wonderfully.

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