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One of my interests was in how to manage the Enterprise and in
particular the Distributed (or Grid like) Enterprise. Then I got
interested in Grid management. Now it is all converging into Cloud
Management. IaaS, PaaS and into SaaS (how do you handle app software
When I worked briefly in Professional Services we used a concept
called the Consolidated Database to pull together the physical
assessment of the current IT infrastructure. It completely inventoried
all hardware, firmware, software and apps living somewhere in the IT
infrastructure. Or it was useless...
We saved one company about $2 million a year in licensing fees for
software they were renewing but had not been using  for years.
Today a concept labeled the CMDB (and HP's uCMDB (micro-CMDB),
Rackspace is using this) not only performs the passive part of the
Consolidated Database but can be made to interpret the information
collected, make a decision and then within the guidelines of the SLA
(Service Level Agreement) execute the required actions.
This level of management automation can be dangerous.

[The DMTF Roadmap]
Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF, formerly "Desktop Management
Task Force") is an industry organization that develops, maintains and
promotes standards for systems management in enterprise IT
environments. These standards allow for building systems management
infrastructure components in a platform-independent and
technology-neutral way. By creating the open industry standards, DMTF
helps enable systems management interoperability between IT products
from different manufacturers or companies.
There is also the official DMTF home page for more official detail---
"The Cloud Standards Wiki" is also interesting and a link to the SNIA
CDMI is listed
CMDBf is loosely defined here.
The CDMI is not.
The CDMI is defined here by its principal author, David Slik, now of
NetApp, formerly of Bycast.
"A CDMI Tutorial - Data Management, Part 1"

More good CDMI information at---
"Vanishing Into the Infrastructure"

For CMDB abd CMDBf (as well as many other things) I like William
Vambenepe's blog---

If you scroll down to the bottom of the main page a list of topics and
archives will appear - a lot to choose from...

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