[SATLUG] Linux party in Austin on Sunday

Don Davis dondavis at reglue.org
Sat Mar 13 12:09:07 CST 2010

I've attached a copy of a Linux Party on Sunday in Austin:
First off, I want to thank Jeff Sullivan representing Dell for meeting 
me at at Round Rock grocery store - We got 3 shopping carts full of soft 
drinks and snacks from Dell! $310 donation!  Also I want to thank Texas 
Coworking for hosting the space,internet,electricity for free!  Anyone 
else is welcome to contribute, a tip jar will be available to recoup 
beer/wine/rum/tequila, but it is free of charge, it has already been 
paid for.  ANY OTHER companies are welcome to step up and donate.  We 
will put a sign up acknowledging your support.


Texas Coworking, 200 E. 6th Street, 3rd Floor. -- Austin
Above B.D. Riley's pub on 6th street, right near the Driskill Hotel.

When:  1:00pm to 4:30pm Sunday March 14.
Locals who want to help, please show up at 12:00pm.


Today at grocery store, a partial list of what I got:

Napkins/Plates/Cups for about 100 people
V8 Juice
Real orange juice
Cranberry Juice
Grape juice
Throwback Pepsi, full sugar Pepsi (not HF corn)!
Throwback Mountain Dew, full sugar
some diet and caffeine free soda I will make a point to reserve, please 
Dr. Pepper
Cheese, cheddar
Cheese, Swiss
Cheese, Munster
Cheese, Blue
Several pounds of peperoni
Corn Chips and Salsa (4 kinds of salsa)
Potatoes Chips
Olives and pickles
Bottled water

This is just going by my tired memory, a partial list.

Is anyone organizing car pools, parking assistance, etc? Get the chatter 
going.  The Facebook event page has almost 40 people who have RSVP - we 
have no real idea how big attendance will be on this event!

chatter, telephone people - tell them to come.  Know a friend who has a 
big MythTV system all working and in order -bring it down.

Someone have a decent set of computer speakers we could plug MP3 into 
for music?  Someone have a Nintendo Wii they want to bring?  A PS3 
running Linux?

The primary concern is social party here.  Do not feel obligated to 
bring your computer or such.  You can talk about anything and 
everything, it's just a party folks!

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