[SATLUG] DD-WRT presentation from the last meeting.

pcdls.ronin pcdls.ronin at gmail.com
Tue Mar 16 16:38:49 CDT 2010

Herb Cee wrote:
> Peter Cross wrote:
>> First my apologies for spamming the list.
>> Ernest, I don't have your email address. Did you have a presentation
>> (powerpoint, pdf, etc) from the last meeting that I can take a look
>> at. I
>> wasn't able to make the meeting.
>> Once again my apologies.
> hmmm confused why is this spam ... this ? may be but ....
Yeah, I thought that was a little weird, too.....according to Wikipedia:

"Spam has several definitions varying by source.

    * /Unsolicited bulk e-mail/ (UBE)—unsolicited e-mail, sent in large
    * /Unsolicited commercial e-mail/ (UCE)—this more restrictive
      definition is used by regulators whose mandate is to regulate
      commerce, such as the U.S. Federal Trade Commission

I don't think that email was either unsolicited (you are a member of
this list, after all) nor distributed in large quantities.  Nor was it
commercial in nature.  I wouldn't sweat it or apologize for it.  But, I
guess, ultimately, that's up to the guys managing the list.  ;)

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