[SATLUG] Visual probs and screen resolution

Herb Cee hc at lookcee.com
Tue Mar 16 17:08:52 CDT 2010

03/16/2010 Since the list is quiet right now I would like to ask for 
help with visual problems and screen resolution.

To explain most of u will recognize Cheryl Holmes on the list. Well I 
have been trying to give Cheryl some help over past 2+yrs and sadly her 
eyes have severely deteriorated from 20/2500 to even worse. To give an 
example of how small things can be a problem for limited sight is many 
default settings of the desktop has the damn pointer so small that I 
cannot find it either I only have one bad eye, very dim bout like 
twilight in day near useless at night and the good one is like looking 
tru wavy glass. I worked out a step by step for her to change the screen 
settings so that the pointer stays the large red one and her desktop set 
to Hi B&W resolution.

I am not sure what exactly to ask since it is important to get a step by 
step exact and as simple as possible because keep in mind that Cheryl 
has to read object by object she can no longer scan but has to focus 
separately. I just asked her if she wanted to try setting up text to 
voice ability and she thinks that would be great.

I will spend the personal time with her online in getting her set up 
with this so if anybody out there with any experience wishes to help 
Cheryl fire away, I am starting from scratch. Maybe if her eyes are 
gonna totally fail then we can have her at least still able to 
communicate. In the meantime we can start improving her screen display 
and using voice to help her out. Just imagine for yourself having to 
wait for someone to visit and ask them to read for u and dictate your 
typing replies.

She has an Acer 21" LCD She is gonna ask her sister next visit to get 
the exact mod # but it was set for 1600/11xx but we reduced this down to 
1200xx range. The puter is P-IV with good mem and HD and She is running 
Ubuntu 8.04 fully updated. She can use the command line but because of 
the sight prob and often having to be in sudo/root she has to be really 
careful. However using me as a filter I think we can keep her out of 
trouble making changes. I run the same distro 8.04 so I can test it out 

I am gonna start in on getting her going on text to voice and VS so hope 
for some help guys. I dunno even where to start other than start reading 
on all that is available on Linux and trying them out.

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