[SATLUG] Visual probs and screen resolution

Herb Cee hc at lookcee.com
Tue Mar 16 17:20:18 CDT 2010

Herb Cee wrote:
> 03/16/2010 Since the list is quiet right now I would like to ask for 
> help with visual problems and screen resolution.
> To explain most of u will recognize Cheryl Holmes on the list. Well I 
> have been trying to give Cheryl some help over past 2+yrs and sadly 
> her eyes have severely deteriorated from 20/2500 to even worse. To 
> give an example of how small things can be a problem for limited sight 
> is many default settings of the desktop has the damn pointer so small 
> that I cannot find it either I only have one bad eye, very dim bout 
> like twilight in day near useless at night and the good one is like 
> looking tru wavy glass. I worked out a step by step for her to change 
> the screen settings so that the pointer stays the large red one and 
> her desktop set to Hi B&W resolution.
> I am not sure what exactly to ask since it is important to get a step 
> by step exact and as simple as possible because keep in mind that 
> Cheryl has to read object by object she can no longer scan but has to 
> focus separately. I just asked her if she wanted to try setting up 
> text to voice ability and she thinks that would be great.
> I will spend the personal time with her online in getting her set up 
> with this so if anybody out there with any experience wishes to help 
> Cheryl fire away, I am starting from scratch. Maybe if her eyes are 
> gonna totally fail then we can have her at least still able to 
> communicate. In the meantime we can start improving her screen display 
> and using voice to help her out. Just imagine for yourself having to 
> wait for someone to visit and ask them to read for u and dictate your 
> typing replies.
> She has an Acer 21" LCD She is gonna ask her sister next visit to get 
> the exact mod # but it was set for 1600/11xx but we reduced this down 
> to 1200xx range. The puter is P-IV with good mem and HD and She is 
> running Ubuntu 8.04 fully updated. She can use the command line but 
> because of the sight prob and often having to be in sudo/root she has 
> to be really careful. However using me as a filter I think we can keep 
> her out of trouble making changes. I run the same distro 8.04 so I can 
> test it out first.
> I am gonna start in on getting her going on text to voice and VS so 
> hope for some help guys. I dunno even where to start other than start 
> reading on all that is available on Linux and trying them out.
> hh
Correction Cheryl has no problem typing she is touch typist, just the 
reading prob when some days she cannot focus enough to make a word out 
full zoom.

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