[SATLUG] Visual probs and screen resolution

Herb Cee hc at lookcee.com
Wed Mar 17 21:05:45 CDT 2010

redpill wrote:
> Herb, are you using Ubuntu? If so try installing a program called
> Compixconfig-settings-manager.  this program controls the compiz
> settings for the Ubuntu desktop.  Once installed open the program (it
> will be under System-->Preferences), most of the plugins for the
> visually impared are under the acessability section.  all of the
> controls are hot-keyable.  plugins include: magnifyer, show mouse, zoom
> desktop, and  color filter.  If you are just looking to make the mouse
> easier to see then try going to system-->preferences-->mouse there may
> be more settings there.
> Todd

Thanks Todd, I didn't have the Compizconfig-settings-manager installed. 
It is indeed a wide selection of tuning and I will check it out and 
assist her in installing and making any settings that will help her. Yes 
both myself and Cheryl are running the LTS Ubuntu Ver 8.04. Since the 
new LTS 10.04 release is emanate we are hoping some neat stuff will be 

To clear a point this is to help Cheryl and I will be a test platform 
and filter so that she stands a decent chance of successfully installing 
aids to help her continue to use the computer with her continuing 
deterioration of her sight. She wants to try using text to speech so 
that her mail and text docs can be read to her. The reason I am acting 
as a filter is to install and test everything first because if she gets 
broken it is hard to get out without good sight.

I am currently checking out the text to speech available to U8.04, I am 
staying with Gnome first since that is what is running. I do see that 
KDE claims to have this included in the desktop install. If anyone is 
using any of these ... comments sure welcome.

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