[SATLUG] updating the bios in Fedora 12

Herb Cee hc at lookcee.com
Tue Mar 23 19:04:52 CDT 2010

Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> redpill wrote:
>> given that the BIOS is software the benefit in upgrading is the same as
>> any other piece of software...to gain new features and fix old bugs.
>> That said updating (or upgrading?) the BIOS does carry a significant
>> risk, and should not be done trivially.
> What bugs?  What features?  The only function of the BIOS is to load 
> the OS.  After that, it's not used.  If it couldn't load the OS, then 
> it wouldn't have shipped.
>   -- Bruce
> P.S.  Please don't top post.
Sorry Bruce was in a rush and forgot to whom I was speaking.  Your 
statement is true for all the older hard flashed chips but for the past 
10yrs two other programs are run from the BIOS named Setup and Post. I 
did my googling and upgrading on my ECS mobo over yr ago so don't 
remember the details but i had a dilemma in that two identical mobos 
with same model # one accepted the 2gb sticks and one did not.  Both  
ran fine on the 1gb stick. I tracked it down to the setup prog I believe 
it was. However it was called a BIOS upgrade.

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