[SATLUG] updating the bios in Fedora 12

Channing.ML at channingc.com Channing.ML at channingc.com
Tue Mar 23 20:08:23 CDT 2010

Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> What bugs?  What features?  The only function of the BIOS is to load 
> the OS.  After that, it's not used.  If it couldn't load the OS, then 
> it wouldn't have shipped.
I cannot answer for the OP's, but I think the BIOS of today may not be 
what you are thinking about when you say "The only function of the BIOS 
is to load the OS".  A BIOS used in a very popular laptop has seen 17 
revisions in 3 years.  Here is an abbreviated list of what was addressed:

1. Resolves intermittent no video issue during POST.
1. Updated the Dell embedded diagnostics ROM image to build 4104.
2. Minor changes for ASF progress PETS, including adding Dock, video and 
System Setup PETS.
3. Allow ASF to force PXE boot even if the on-board NIC isn't set to 
"Enabled w/PXE" in System Setup.
4. Added support for new versions of Intel CPUs.
5. Added feature to briefly illuminate the system battery LED when AC 
power is inserted.
1. On N-Series Platforms, removed SLIC table and pointer to resolve OS 
bug with KMS activation.
2. Added Wi-Fi Catcher support for Dell 1395 wireless card
1. Added support for Intel Penryn processor.
2. Fixed intermittent POST hang with preboot fingerprint authentication.
3. Fixed POST hang caused by Dock battery presence
1. Added support for Intel new processor.
2. Added enhancement for thermal control.
1. Added support for TPM free SKU.
1. Improve compatibility with Dell Wireless 1390 & 1490 Dell WLAN.
2. Improve setup and HD password operation.
3. Fixed: System Hangs on Resume from S3 with Driver Verifier enabled.
1. Updated to latest Computrace OPROM.
2. TPM functionality enhancements.
1. Updated Intel Video BIOS.
2. Updated Nvidia Video BIOS.
3. Enhancement for thermal control.
1. Improved support for 4GB memory.
2. Improved PXE support.
1. Improved support for discharged Media Bay Battery.
2. Implemented new option to disable Wi-Fi when LAN IP is available.
3. Fixed an OS hang issue caused by XD Disable.
4. Fixed Wi-Fi sniffer function with 4GB memory and Dell wireless.
1. Fixed issue where external USB CD drive can not boot.
2. Fixed FireMV 2200 video card not working in PCI slot of docking station.
3. Fixed battery drain issue occurring after a long period running on AC.


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