[SATLUG] updating the bios in Fedora 12

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Tue Mar 23 20:23:28 CDT 2010

> Your 
> statement is true for all the older hard flashed chips but for the past 
> 10yrs two other programs are run from the BIOS named Setup and Post. I 
> did my googling and upgrading on my ECS mobo over yr ago so don't 
> remember the details but i had a dilemma in that two identical mobos 
> with same model # one accepted the 2gb sticks and one did not.  Both  
> ran fine on the 1gb stick. I tracked it down to the setup prog I believe 
> it was. However it was called a BIOS upgrade.

Interesting.  My understanding is that Linux doesn't trust the BIOS and 
checks things like RAM for itself.  I know it reinitializes all the USB 
hubs and devices.  I suppose there could be HW capabilities that are on 
the MB, but not enabled with the shipped BIOS, but that seems odd to me.

POST stands for Power On Self Test.  The initialization of the HW, North 
  Bridge, South Bridge, system buses, etc is part of the BIOS too.  Of 
course there are other things that can be played with like memory 
timings or overclocking, but that always has a potential to damage your 

I just don't trust updating the BIOS.  In my opinion the risk is not 
worth it and as you demonstrate, it is then only needed if you are 
updating HW that needs to be initialized before loading the OS.  If it 
ever worked and you don't upgrade the HW to something unsupported on the 
original MB, I don't know of a reason to update the BIOS.

   -- Bruce

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