[SATLUG] FreeBSD wireless realtek 8187B

Daniel Riggins danielr2010 at live.com
Thu Mar 25 12:40:03 CDT 2010

Howdy gents,
I am an Arch linux user that just installed FreeBSD. So far everything is running pretty smoothly with XMonad however I am having issues with connecting via wireless. My School has an unsecured radius server that redirects a web page to a login where I am passed through to the network after obtaining their cert. I have  a realtek 8187B nic on a Gateway MX8739 laptop. I'm using the urtw driver for the nic and have to run 'ifconfig wlan create usbdev wlan0 up' to create my wireless device. I can use it to scan for networks so it does that much but when I try to dhclient the school's access point I'm given a message: 'no link......giving up' or dhcpoffer on 255.255.255 then stops. I try to use uzbl to access the login page and claims I am not connected. Any insight?
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