[SATLUG] Free Stuff

Sean siffland at nerdshack.com
Sun Mar 28 17:20:17 CDT 2010

I have the following to get rid of.  I would prefer someone take everything because i really really need to get rid of it (Spring Cleaning).  I live in Converse so i can meet in the forum or around the Walzem area.

AGP Nvidia GeForceFX5200 128MB RAM
PCI SoundBlaster Live 24-bit
PCI Audio Card (Says HRTF Audio Com)
PCI Intel Modem (537EPG)
PCI ATA133 Controller Card

512MB Stick PC133
256MB Stick PC133

2.4GHZ Celeron Processor, pulled from a Dell 2400 (swapped for a P4).

Like 10 IDE Cables, mostly 80 pin a few 40 pin

1 computer with:
500 MHZ P2 Slot 1
512 MB PC100 ECC RAM
Nvidia Geforce2 AGP Card
3 D-Link Nic's

The computer has no hard drive in it, it can boot to the CD-ROM, but not the one in it (I had a DVD in it I used to boot from but had to pull it before posting this (it cost to much to give away for free) and the Lite-on cd burner in it is not bootable, on any computer).  I was using the machine for a router for awhile and before that a music server.  I cannot remember what the Motherboard is, but it is at the latest firmware, from like 2000 or so.


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