[SATLUG] More evidence of Steam and Valve games coming to Linux

Jonathan Hull masterr at gmail.com
Mon May 3 22:27:41 CDT 2010

Linux Gamers Rejoice!

For those of you not following this already I will bring y'all up to
date. Steam is a gaming delivery service by Valve. They also produce a
few games themselves such as Half Life, Portal, Left 4 Dead, Team
Fortress, and others.

Since the beginning of Steam Linux users have been asking for a Linux
client, and over the past few years several pieces of evidence have
surfaced that such a Linux client is in the works. Here are the few
that I can remember (not in order):

- Job opening at Valve lists "Port Windows-based games to the Linux
platform" in the job description:

- Left 4 Dead demo contains Linux binaries:

- Steam announced for Mac, including ports of Valve games (not Linux,
but related)

- Upcoming Steam client for Mac contains Linux launcher code:

Now today a screenshot leaked showing the beginnings of a Steam client
running on Linux:

While there has been no announcement nor has there been any evidence
of a full client or running games, this is all still exciting in my
eyes. Valve is a master of leaking viral information that nearly
rivals Apple, and these bits of evidence are right down their alley.
As a gamer and a Linux user I am hoping!


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