[SATLUG] How to make video from a sequence of JPGs?

Don Davis dondavis at reglue.org
Mon May 10 07:19:15 CDT 2010

Thank you.
The mencoder solution worked great. Thank you.
The gimp solution is playing one picture continuously. I'll need to 
learn how to use that.
Even the one I had made in kdenlive works.

I'm really curious why ffmpeg isn't working.
  Stream #0.0: Video: mjpeg, yuvj422p, 772x514 [PAR 72:72 DAR 386:257], 
20 tbr, 20 tbn, 20 tbc
Error opening filters!

Don Davis wrote:
> I noticed that along the way with installing my own ffmpeg I have messed 
> up some code installation. All dvds play wrong now. I'll have to fix 
> that first. I'll let you know what happens.
> Thank you.
> Borries Demeler wrote:
>>> Thank you. Well, it almost worked. It made the film but the picture 
>>> was distorted very tall and narrow and mostly black and white. What 
>>> do you suggest now?
>> Are all the images of the same size and aspect ratio?
>> If not, you may need to crop them to be of identical dimension.
>> The b/w issue seems to suggest that there is something wrong with
>> your mencoder installation. If you want, I'll run the command for you,
>> if you can upload your images somewhere I'll give it a try.
>> -Borries
>>> Borries Demeler wrote:
>>>>> It seems as if it should be straightforward to make a video from a 
>>>>> sequence of jpgs; however,
>>>>> using stopmotion there is an I/O error
>>>>> using ffmpeg stops on an opening filters error
>>>>> using kdenlive - I can play the movie but when I export I only see 
>>>>> a black screen.
>>>>> (I've tried compiling my own ffmpeg but that didn't seem to help.)
>>>> You can make an mpg format (below with 10 frames/sec) using mencoder.
>>>> mpeg2 format is what's used in DVD movies. Run this from the directory
>>>> that contains the jpg files:
>>>> mencoder mf://*.jpg -mf fps=10:type=jpg -o my-movie.mpg -ovc lavc 
>>>> -lavcopts vcodec=mpeg2video:vbitrate=1800
>>>> You will need the dvd codec to play it back (any dvd playback 
>>>> software will do).
>>>> -borries.
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