[SATLUG] Blocking with iptables, even if the hostname won't resolve

David Salisbury david.salisbury at momentumweb.com
Tue May 11 14:31:42 CDT 2010

OK, right, I got it.  Assuming they (netvisio) do have the entire class 
C, indeed I could go that way.  I guess I'm always wary of, if I do 
that, the off chance that I'll block something else that shouldn't be 
blocked if they don't have that whole block.  But I guess if it 
continues that will be the risk I have to take (and I admit the chances 
of me blocking something legitimate coming from there are probably 
indeed small)!

But it is unusual that this domain doesn't resolve anywhere, isn't it??  
That seems pretty strange to me.

On 5/11/2010 2:25 PM, Jeremy Mann wrote:
> I block full domains all the time with iptables. For example:
> iptables -A INPUT -i eth0 -s -j DROP

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