[SATLUG] Any Technical/Automation-Hacking/Override info on the CPS Energy Saver Thermostat?

Tweeks tweeksjunk2 at theweeks.org
Sat May 15 11:26:53 CDT 2010


I saw a couple of old threads on the CPS offered free digital thermostat.  It 
looks like it is remote controllable by CPS via two way pager control w/web 
integration (on their side).. Not a huge fan of this.. would have preferred a 
home broadband connection that I could control.. but whatever.

Does anyone have any info on how controllable these things are?  It's designed 
to allow CPS to help regulate peak load distribution so that they can do some 
sort of time division smoothing of everyone's AC loads.  Interesting idea.. 
but I would like to maintain override control if need be. Any protocol or 
wired-hack info also of interest, integration with any linux home automation 
systems (like Zoneminder, MisterHouse, etc).  I think it's this model:


NEway.. lemme know if anyone has really dug into one of these before.


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