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Borries Demeler demeler at biochem.uthscsa.edu
Sat May 15 18:38:23 CDT 2010

> I do not have a clue how to underclock (or overclock) and how it
> relates to performance and wattage reduction.
> My question is, "Have you looked at EFI/UEFI CULV desktop motherboards
> as a "green" solution?"
> If so, "How do they look?".
> Laptops and netbooks are looking like TDP's of 10W or less.
> Your solution is a lot less expensive but how low a wattage does
> underclocking get you?
> Taking the fans off means it has to be pretty good. Assuming your
> "free air" circulation is good.
> Is your ultimate goal to reduce electric consumption primarily in your
> computer gear or the "big picture" reduction in A/C cost?

I am using one of these Acer netbooks (~ 8W) as a VOIP box and 
to drive my TV. Because of the phone it is always on, like my 
router, so I wanted low consumption. There may be lower consumption 
devices than that available, but 8W is low enough for me.
> On really hot days I am now forced to turn off all my desktops to
> reduce A/C use and use my laptop in suspend/hibernate.
> A/C savings approach 30% on hot summer days.
> I have not been able to get suspend/hibernate working for the desktops.
> Anybody doing this have any desktop suggestions?
> Electricity is not going to get cheaper anytime soon.

Install solar panels. I did. Since hooking it up in January, I have
produced over half a megawatt more power than I am using, and feed it back
into the CPS grid for a refund check, or later use during peak usage. I
can monitor power production in realtime through my home network and
post it to the outside (check it out:
Besides the obvious advantages of reducing your carbon footprint and 
getting free electricity, there are other benefits:

* solar panels shade your roof and reduce your energy needs for AC cooling.
* CPS gives you a rebate of $3/W installed, which is roughly 50% of your cost, 
which is pretty amazing. I'd recommend to get it while this rebate is still available.
My installer took the rebate straight off the cost of the system, so I had no
out of pocket on that portion.
* The federal government gives you ANOTHER 30% tax credit on the remaining cost.
* The day you install it you are already ahead, because if you sold your house
the value of your house is increased by the cost of the system.
* The city cannot tax you on the increased value of your house, it is exempt from
* There is no captial gains on the portion of your house that is the cost of your
solar system when you sell your house.
* San Antonio is one of the best places to get solar power due to the high amount of
sun intensity (we are very far south).
* The system even produces enough power on rainy/cloudy days to meet my needs
* it is a lot of fun to watch your meter spin backwards, and getting zero $ power bills!
* and as you say, increasing electricity rates help me recover my investment quicker,
right now I figure about 5-6 years to be completely even.


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