[SATLUG] Re: Any Technical/Automation-Hacking/Override info on the CPS Energy Saver Thermostat?

Nate Turnage pixelnate at gmail.com
Sat May 15 19:07:51 CDT 2010

On May 15, 2010 5:03 PM, pcdls.ronin <pcdls.ronin at gmail.com> wrote: 

In general, centralizing technologies are a bad idea as it creates an

opportunity for controlling bodies to eventually "legislate" away the

individual's ability to decide for oneself.  Besides, what "genius"

decided that CPS needs to control our thermostats?  Isn't it *our*

responsibility to decide for ourselves how hot or cold our homes are? 

Or, how well insulated and energy efficient our homes are?  All economic

behavior on our parts is dependent upon our personal resources.  We,

typically, don't let anyone else control our economic behavior.  If, and

when, we do allow it, it's usually under coercion and force.

This is a bad idea that I suspect will be fraught with security issues. 

And, there *will* be security issues once you put the power to control

your AC in the hands of centralized bureaucrats.  Remember, we're

dealing with people who attempted to commit fraud over the nuclear power

debacle (in collusion with many political actors, it takes more than

"two employees" to try to pull that off).

Now, if they were to provide the technology (linux-enabled with entirely

open-source applications that utilize a highly encrypted link over ssh

2.0) that the user, alone, controls.  Then, I'd probably have no problem.




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