[SATLUG] How trackable is your browser?

Herb Cee hc at lookcee.com
Tue May 18 19:48:38 CDT 2010

pcdls.ronin wrote:
> So, uh, what do we do about it?
> Don Davis wrote:
>> So, we are trackable on our browser fingerprint alone.
>> pcdls.ronin wrote:
>>> Ditto,

I dunno but consider this ... I find this anecdotal experience very 
interesting. About 8yrs ago i bought a 250' roll of 10/2 Romex elect-hookup 
wire it cost me $32+7% tax and a yr ago I wanted to buy another of same 
product but the price was $280 at same store + 7.75 tx.. local tiny town 
feed & hwd. lowest price i found via google was still over $200 ... so i 
just could not afford it but i also had noticed that Southwire had 
virtually cornered the market anywhere I looked via Google ..

FF to just 2wks ago I noticed that copper was dumping big time, mines 
closing cause price had gone below production cost. (this pure speculation 
but I figured the shooting war is no longer consuming copper, just mostly 
big boomer's) I first went to ebay and found a price of $80-90 so with $30 
shipping i thought ok I need this so lets do it and I clicked on an ad 
within the Ebay auction search pg that was a mail-order hwd co (Audubon hwd 
co) and yet when i got to the add that was for $78 I found yep buy it now 
.. low ship but in the description it was not 10/2 but was 14/2 so 1/2 the 
copper, won't carry the load that 10/2 will.

So I then went ahead and bought from ebay dealer it is now in transit but 
now since that day 10days ago almost all urls I visit like weather channel 
plus any google search on anything i am getting not only the (A-hwd store) 
but other stores displayed saying 10/2 but when i have clicked on all these 
they are misleading, just to cost these cheats money I c on every new pg I 
get, it still really offers the 14/2 product this is on weather channel 
plus several other news type channels i reg visit... plus the same ad 
displays however often i click the url.

Do you dudes connect the same dots as I?

  I am mildly irritated, but only that goog is being a whore for a gyp-ass 
seller and I find that offensive. I would have praised Goog if they had led 
me to a bargin instead of a cheat that must be picking up sales and once u 
buy it's yours. I would not have known till i received a worthless product.

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