[SATLUG] How trackable is your browser?

pcdls.ronin pcdls.ronin at gmail.com
Tue May 18 22:31:28 CDT 2010

Personally, I take a devil-may-care attitude in these cases.  If they
come for me, I'll kill them with my swords.  Beyond this life, I'll take
what comes.
Herb Cee wrote:
> Bruce Dubbs wrote:
>> Herb Cee wrote:
>>> what can we do about this just live wi it, be damn careful what I
>>> post? I feel that with this kind of ID being captured whatever u
>>> post can also be connected, rite?
>> When you talk on the phone, the telco can listen.  Do you trust them
>> not to do that?  All data (text, audio, video) can be reduced to a
>> bit stream and that can be recorded.  Is it?  Probably not, but it
>> could be.
>> When you send something via USPS or FedEx or UPS, does someone open
>> it and look at what is sent?  Probably not, but it could be.
>> Privacy is relative.  The most likely component to see what a browser
>> sends is the server.  Only if servers are broadly communicating does
>> this become an issue.  And then, only if you care.
>> And remember, even if you can uniquely identify a browser/computer
>> system, it doesn't guarantee who is operating the keyboard.
>>   -- Bruce
> Got it Bruce big thanks.
> hh

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